Call Center Services and Outsourcing
VSG operates a full service call center providing a variety of telephony based services primarily focused on providing services to large and small companies. Located in Columbus, GA near Ft. Benning [the largest military base in the eastern United States], our range of services includes: In and outbound calling campaigns; typical Help Desk Activities; information gathering and analysis; accounts receivable management; charitable contribution solicitation campaigns; direct marketing plus a range of customized solutions to meet most client’s needs. Focused on our mission to develop jobs for veterans and their families, most seats in our center are filled with families of deployed service personnel and veterans.
Our 16,000 square ft. facility is fully secure with electronic access control and full video surveillance. All of our systems reside on redundant server. We have an active multi-level disaster recovery strategy in place consisting of back-up procedures, hot site data transfers and a physical site recovery service with ‘Agility” that will replicate our operations within 72 hours in the event of a total site disaster.