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May, 11, 2011


- New Company focused on “Keeping Jobs in America” for our Veterans through providing Domestic Outsourcing Solutions -

New York City, NY—(Marketwire – May 11, 2011) – C&L Group, LLC today announced the formation of a Joint Venture company, Veterans Sourcing Group, LLC, with a Pensacola Florida based Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business (SDVOB), “Pensacola Florida Trading Company”.  The new company, Veterans Sourcing Group, will focus on locating and developing US based Outsourcing projects to be staffed by expanding its Reading, PA. Rural Sourcing Domestic Outsourcing Center.

Veterans Sourcing Group

Today, the US Military Veteran returning from active duty abroad is increasingly being shut out of IT Jobs due to offshoring, lack of experience, lack of training or a combination of both. The “Veterans Sourcing Group” solution combines the talents of the C&L Group professionals who currently compete with the Indian Outsourcers with the veteran experiences of its JV partner to provide the necessary training, coaching, guidance and placement services to our Veterans to locate and succeed in these high tech jobs.  Veterans Sourcing Group, a SDVOB designated firm, is in position to receive preferential treatment by Industry and Government in the award of contracts that may otherwise have gone offshore.  Veterans Sourcing Group is a company of VETS FOR VETS with a long term goal of becoming the Leading SDVOB in the Information Technology Domestic Outsourcing Business.  Veterans Sourcing Group, LLC is located in C&L Group’s Rural Sourcing Center in Reading, PA.

Rural Sourcing

For far too long, there has been a strong and sustained trend in the US to outsource IT jobs to foreign owned companies in India, Singapore, Manila and Asia while simultaneously reducing opportunities and job growth at home. Although we have seen a rebound in our domestic economy, the ability to grow jobs domestically, decrease unemployment and return Americans to the workforce continues to fall short.  There is an emerging trend toward the repatriation of jobs back to the United States while refraining from increasing existing projects.

Rural Sourcing or Domestic Outsourcing is the locating of Information Technology and other previously offshored Jobs to high-tech domestic facilities located in “Rural” domestic locations where labor costs are lower than in higher priced settings like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and others.   Rural facilities are usually located within a two hour radius from major cities.  Several years ago, the C&L Group placed its first Rural Sourcing center in Reading, PA where it employs experienced and tested professionals that chose to live outside of major urban cities where living costs and wages are lower.  C&L Group is able to keep projects onshore and reduce costs without sacrificing quality and requiring management to deal with the vagaries of delivering projects spread over several time-zones.

This Joint Venture will have as its primary motive creating opportunities for employment for our Military Veterans in the fast growing IT Services field and in certain other areas as well.  “As our Military Heroes complete their assignments in service of our country, we want to be sure they have good jobs in a great industry when they come back” commented Sam Champi of the Veterans Sourcing Group.  “We are looking to partner with corporate clients, many of whom currently outsource IT jobs offshore, but are now looking to bring work back to the US through the Rural Sourcing and Domestic Outsourcing initiative” commented  Daniel Liebman, Partner and Founder of C&L Group.

The Veterans Sourcing Group’s motto, Hire a Hero is designed to not only be a catchy phrase but to honor the service of our nation’s best, the Veterans,  by making sure they are provided with everything they need to reenter the workforce when they come back.   Veterans Sourcing Group will focus on developing needed partnerships by reaching out to the Public and Private Sectors and the US Government through agencies such as the Veterans Administration to get them to share in its Vision and Goals.  Veterans Sourcing Group is headquartered in Reading, PA. where it offers a Domestic Rural Sourcing alternative to sending IT work offshore.

VETS for VETS – Leadership Biographies

Thomas Shaughnessy

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Shaughnessy, a decorated disabled Veteran was a successful Wall Street executive and member of the Marine Reserves until he resigned from Castle Securities to serve his country.  In 2003 he volunteered to go onto active duty and served 2 tours in Iraq, 1 tour in the Horn of Africa and 1 Tour in Afghanistan.  Thomas Shaughnessy, a true American Hero and owner of Pensacola Florida Trading Company, will bring his management skills, knowledge of the needs of Disabled Veterans and love for this country to the new company. Thomas will help to create a nurturing environment that will ease Veterans into the new company’s Rural Sourcing center and into jobs.

Reg Dryzga

Marine Captain Reg Dryzga joined the Marines in 1959 after graduating high school.  He completed basic training on Parris Island and was promoted to Lance Corporal after graduating from Radio Engineer School.  Before going to Marine Recon, he was appointed to West Point in 1965 and was commission a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corp.  A Vietnam Veteran and twice Combat decorated Marine Captain in 1968 and 1969, he resigned his commission after the POWs came home in 1973.  Reg went on to earn an MBA from the Wharton School.

From 2003 to 2007, Reg served 42 months as an uncompensated volunteer in Iraq, embedded with numerous Marine units.  Reg lived “outside the wire” with the second largest tribe in Iraq, instrumental in organizing their needed participation. Reg will be instrumental in guiding the recruitment and training effort necessary to get our veterans ready to join the IT Teams at the new company.

Sam Champi

A West Point graduate, Sam had a brilliant career at the West Point Academy as a star football player on the 1964 Army team that beat Navy and by being in the top 10 in academics in his graduating class and number two in military aptitude. In 1968 he received a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Princeton University. After graduating from the Army’s Ranger School in 1968, Sam served as a military engineer in Vietnam where he was engaged in numerous engineering tasks such as bridge building.

After the Vietnam War ended, he invested time and money and worked diligently to bring low cost housing to Vietnam and insure that the host government obtained products on time and at the best price.  Sam will bring his training, drive and business experience to successfully achieve the new company’s goal of readying US Veterans for productive employment.  He will fight to keep American jobs onshore while expanding operations at the Veterans Resource Group’s domestic outsourcing center in Reading PA.  (


The C&L Group is a leading New York Based Information Technology Services company providing IT Staffing Services; Enterprise-Wide IT Consulting and Solutions; and Rural Sourcing and Domestic Outsourcing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, major Financial Services companies, Insurance firms, and a wide variety of companies in the Healthcare industry.  The C&L Group maintains a state of the art Domestic Outsourcing facility in Reading, PA where it offers Rural Sourcing as a high quality cost effective alternative to sending IT work offshore and repatriating jobs back to the United States.

Veterans Sourcing Group, LLC will be headquartered in C&L Group’s Rural Sourcing Center in Reading, PA

The C&L Group was formed by former executives of Computer Horizons, a $500MM+ publicly-traded IT Professional Services Company. Computer Horizons Co-founder/CEO John Cassese and Daniel Liebman, Senior VP of Sales partnered in 2006 to build the industry leader in IT solutions with a combined experience of over 50 years,.

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