SystemAnatomy is a fully customizable, flexible, and versatile research and development tool that provides in-depth application knowledge of your applications.

SystemAnatomy performs detailed analysis on a multitude of data stores across various platforms to continually identify and document component relationships, dependencies, flows, and business processes.


SystemAnatomy assists with:

  • Identifying Enterprise Inventory – including flows & dependencies
  • Performing impact analysis to assist with understanding your  applications, dependencies, and even component & field information
  • Providing detailed system-based application knowledge
  • Planning & analysis of application changes such as migrations, sunset, modernization
  • Analysis support for Applications, Operations, DBA, and QA processes highlighting flows, impacts, dependencies, business logic and execution across the enterprise regardless of platform
  • Reducing analysis and development cycles
  • Providing  complexity and sizing data for management budget and planning

Key Differentiators

  • Customized software plus experienced tailored on-premise implementation approach leverages deployment team’s expertise in inventory identification, data collection, and detailed system analysis to ensure quicker delivery time.  Our approach includes:
  • identify all data sources and data driven dependencies
  • design & develop custom reports
  • build refreshable process
  • enhance software to handle non standard technologies
  • SALive – dynamic documentation
  • All inclusive –no additional software required to support client -  has its own internal database structure– nothing else needed
  • Knowledge Granularity – identifies relationships and dependencies and traces field propagation throughout the system for all data sources (batch schedulers, databases, source directories/libraries, table definitions, etc)
  • Dynamic reporting– Refreshable process built around client’s production implementation cycle

In-depth system based application knowledge – Creates documentation that is consistent across the organization regardless of application language or platform – most documentation software is one product for one language and creates static documentation only

  • Simple and intuitive interface – SAClient enables rapid research without extensive user training
  • Training & mentoring – Experienced resource assigned to your project/group
  • Adaptability & continuous growth  – Software easily modified  as client ‘s system changes and as project needs evolve