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Veteran-owned suppliers: important component of corporate success

Vets with and without disabilities are stepping up to claim a niche for their companies and their own special talents
“Veterans bring more than just a set of technical skills to their businesses. They understand mission, teamwork and getting the job done.” – David Reingold, EVP, Veterans Sourcing Group

By Angela M. Hutchinson Contributing Editor

Many corporations are committed to seeking diverse suppliers for various sourcing opportunities. Many feel it’s a public responsibility as well as good community relations to utilize diverse businesses in the areas where the company is based and conducts its business. And many feel it’s a social responsibility as well as a debt of gratitude to include veteran-owned business enterprises (VBEs) in their outreach programs, whether or not the particular vets happen to be service disabled.
ADP: exposure in the vets’ business community
Walt Gore is director of supplier diversity at Automatic Data Processing (ADP, Roseland, NJ). “We have relationships with organizations such as the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) that help us gain access to the veteran business community,” he reports.
Other forms of outreach, he adds, involve active participation in veteran organization business events and conferences. “Most importantly, our procurement professionals are required to proactively include VBEs in all our sourcing opportunities.” It’s Gore’s job to take the lead in growing the supplier diversity initiative within ADP. “This means effectively engaging key stakeholders and communicating the business objectives and overall value of supplier diversity,” says Gore.

Tara Amaral, ADP’s chief diversity officer and VP of staffing, says, “We continue to build our ADP brand in the marketplace by supporting initiatives that help drive our diverse candidate slates, support our associate engagement activities and spearhead our marketplace initiatives.”

Meet the Veterans Sourcing Group and David Reingold, its EVP
As EVP of the Veterans Sourcing Group, a VBE, David Reingold is responsible for business development and corporate strategy. “Mostly, I try to bring our message and mission, ‘Keeping American jobs for American vets,’ to corporate leadership of the great companies in the U.S. for the purpose of putting veterans to work,” says Reingold. “And I also work closely with the C&L Group (Reading, PA), which is a leading domestic IT professional services outsourcing firm and our forty-nine-percent owner. I interact with their sellers and recruiters and work to coordinate with Tom Shaughnessy, our CEO, our fifty-one percent owner and a service-disabled veteran, and with our advisory board of four distinguished veterans.”

Reingold’s responsibilities include marketing and messaging, business development, oversight of selling and staffing activities plus direct interaction with senior management and diversity officers of VSG’s clients, like Walt Gore of ADP.

“Also, I work with others internally to develop new sources of veterans, create partnerships with other firms with similar missions, and improve company performance,” says Reingold. As an example, he recently reviewed a response to an RFP to have VSG become a preferred vendor to a large government agency, and a similar RFP from a Fortune 500 company. “Then I met with a large job board to discuss their efforts to provide veterans to industry and improve how they identify vets.”

He also attends many veteran job fairs and events and meets with community leaders. “The sacrifices our soldiers make and the daily sacrifices military families have to make can be overwhelming, and they must be understood,” he says. “How can we tolerate not being able to provide these heroes with a job? They don’t want charity, they want jobs!”
The Vets Sourcing Group, like others, is “mobilized to source, identify, screen, test, qualify, and if necessary educate, train, and then place veterans in good jobs, in great industries with caring employers,” he says.

Action behind the words

Reingold enjoys working with ADP because he knows the company “puts action behind its words” and is committed to diversity and veterans’ issues. “My first encounter was with Vito Giuliani, head of global procurement,” he recalls. “He truly wanted to help and was willing to work with our relatively new company. He championed our cause internally and eventually brought us on as a member of the ADP vendor network. We are proud to work with ADP, which recognizes veterans as a diverse minority group and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses as minority firms.

“Unfortunately, many states and a large number of major businesses do not recognize veterans as part of their diversity efforts,” says Reingold. And that, he thinks, is unfortunate for vets and businesses alike. “Veterans bring more than just a set of technical skills or standard industry experience with them: they bring the leadership skills and discipline they learned in the military, and they understand mission, teamwork and getting the job done.”


Veterans Sourcing Group, LLC (VSG), is a certified “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business”. Veterans Sourcing Group was formed to honor our Heroes by enabling Veterans to find employment and assisting companies, large and small, to gain access to Veterans. Today, the US Military Veterans are increasingly being shut out of IT Jobs because of offshoring or lack of current experience or training or both. The “Veterans Sourcing Group” provides the necessary training, coaching, guidance and placement services to our Veterans to locate and succeed in these high tech jobs. Veterans Sourcing Group, LLC (VSG) is a certified “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business”. Veterans Sourcing Group was formed to honor our Heroes by enabling Veterans to find employment and assisting companies, large and small, to gain access to Veterans.
Veterans Sourcing Group has as its primary mission, providing access to veterans for large or small companies thereby creating opportunities for employment for our Military Veterans in the fast growing IT Services field and through expanding its Rural Sourcing efforts.
As a SDVOSB designated firm, VSG is in a position to receive preferential treatment by industry, Federal, State and Local Government in the award of contracts, directly or as a third party partner. Companies with active “Diversity Programs” are able to include VSG spend and or staff headcount in fulfillment of their diversity and minority goals.

“As our Military Heroes complete their assignments in service of our country, we want to be sure they have good jobs in a great industry when they come back. We are looking to partner with corporate clients, many of whom currently outsource IT jobs offshore, to bring work back to the US through our Rural Sourcing initiative.
For additional information on Specific IT Capabilities and Processes and additional offerings please visit our website at www.veteranssourcinggroup.com

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